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so that you canSave the world, and hurry up about it!
I was gone. Now I'm not.  Keep coming back, because things keep getting worse. I'm not saying that maybe one person can make a difference. But I'll try to make you try, and you'll try to make others try and we'll look up and hey! Sustainability. Yeah!.

Realness: There is no greater enemy to the environment than George W. Bush.  He is the
absolute worst guy, he wins, hands down. 
Therefore, YOU
cannot be FOR: the environment, kittens or puppies, the Bill of Rights, this country or any other;
if you are for the Bushmonster.  He is too whacked-out a nut case, a-gunning for Armaggedon, which is awfully scary
(particularly if you've seen the movie). 
Don't let the very bloody Iraqi war play tricks on your tender brain.
Things are very bad. The oil companies are making record profits, and you're paying about twice
as much to tow your SUV behind your Hummer.  So just about everybody in the whole wide world loses,
except for Bush and his scarily undead cronies.
The killings and casualties committed in service to these porn corp profits, seem to mean absolutely
nothing but more folding money to these boys. And since killing seems so super easy for the Bushwhacker-- 
so long as others are actually pulling the triggers, or shelling the civillians, or dismantling the IDEs, or simply getting
blown into the bite-size bits-- we are so not done.  If he was so interested in "democracy", as he's lied and said so often;
might we have a semblance of one right here (Thanks ever so, Diebold!)?

So what do you do?  You keep on steppin'.  You inform yourself and you do the best
you can.  You get with others who agree with you and o r g a n i z e.  Same-o same-o. Got it?  Good.
Because people like you, if you're like me, are even more concerned about Mother Earth than
the so-called 'white majority'.  Don't believe me?  Read this then-- you'll see.  It's a study
by Paul Mohai called African American concern for the environment - Dispelling Old Myths.
He says that if we dusky dudes and dudesses dared to recycle; we'd win the racial environmentally
concerned race.  Didn't know there was one?  Me neither.  Ain't it grand winning when you didn't even
know you were playing?  Oh yeah.  We're a big big deal now.   And here they thought we didn't care...
until they asked us.

Take a cleansing breath now-- you're gonna need it.  Bush "doesn't believe in" global warming.  Or,
perhaps I should say that he thinks it might be happening; but he thinks it's "natural", not manmade.
I know, I know.  Cancer is natural too, but I bet he would get chemo if he caught it... Anyway, since Siberia,
the permafrost, and the polar ice caps are melting; now that the hurricane "season" has extended to uh, anytime,
and now that the whole entire earth can experience the SUV and lawnmower exhaust that
is the American morning breath (preferably with broadband), the sky is falling!  We broke the sky! 
Make you proud to be an American?  Then do something about it, sweetheart!  And with the quickness, please.

When Bush reneged on
The Kyoto Protocol, the 1997 international accord setting limits
on greenhouse gas emissions; he set the standard for other nations to say no.  To be fair; since
we generate ONE THIRD of them, it's mad rude.  But he didn't stop there.  

He is still trying to vivisect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, for MORE oil. He has
lifted limits on off-road-vehicles in sanctuaries, and has rolled
back rules that banned development on 60
million acres of national forest.  In fact, he's privatizing lots of forests and is now counting golf ponds as
"protected wetlands" in his official reports.  Yes, he's a stinking liar. And no, he actually doesn't have
any shame.

Hey, DID YOU KNOW that
Black and Latino Children With Asthma Receive A Lesser Standard Of Care Than White
Counterparts Who Didn't Get Consistent Care Either?

Sure you did.  But now you can read about how some Harvard types figured it out by just picking up the old
land line.  Their study was done by this mouthful of an 'Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the American
Association of Health Plans Foundation', and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
But a mouthful of air for some multi-ethnic asthmatic crumb hustlers?  Priceless.

Speaking of things Bush UNdid: He tried to lift new limits on the amounts of arsenic allowed in drinking
water (burp),
and undid new cleanup regulations for federal surface mines.  I could go on, but you must, instead.
Save the Arctic RefugeDefend Our Wildlife.   Learn more  about what you can do to counter
this unelected  antiChrist.  
And do all you can to protest his satanic warmongering.
After all-- I paraphrase what we used to say back in the day--  war is extremely bad for the
environment and all living creatures.
  Just make sure you do SOMETHING, mommy, make it stop!
The babies gotta breathe, man!  They gotta breathe, even when you have municipal buses gently idling
under their bedroom windows, and sewage to process under their playgrounds and swimming pools.
Hyperbole, you say?  Harlem's Riverbank State Park, lovingly referred to as Fart Park, begs to differ,
mon ami.  This is important ghetto stuff, and your attention to our exactitude is mightily appreciated..

It's time now for a truly inspiring interview by the inestimable Dr. Robert Bullard, with the awesome Phylis Holmes, 
which can be found at the Environmental Justice Resource Center site
under the title The South Camden
Warriors Battle Environmental Racism
Read it and follow the leaders.

The Environmental Justice Resource Center (EJRC) at Clark Atlanta University was formed in 1994
to serve as a research, policy, and information clearinghouse
on issues related to environmental justice,
race and the environment, civil rights,
facility siting, land use planning, brown fields, transportation equity,
suburban sprawl, and Smart Growth. Yummmmm!

Those clever folk at the West Harlem Environmental Action -- or WEACT (get it?  We ACT) --
presented a national conference and community dialogue in Harlem on:
*** Human Genetics, Environment, and Communities of Color: Ethical and Social Implications ***
Keep an eye on them at  weact.  They really do act.  Why?  They have themselves a vision.

I am very impressed by the  Environmental Defense Fund. 
Once you register, they send you alerts via email.  These alerts vary from standing against the
Vieques bombings, to global warming.  And you, you armchair activist you, can with a few clicks of your mouse,
both fax AND email everyone concerned.

Talk about easy-peasy!
Please register  here  and just click your little mouse like mad.  Size means nothing here, my friends. Your
one-ness is significant AND effective.
You sure will have told them, if you do.  Word of caution:  They will bug the
livin' daylights outta you (for $$$), if you give them your phone number...

They did so well, and this proves it!  Environmental Racism in Chester,
Pennsylvania: brought to you by the very same
Chester Residents
Concerned for Quality Living (CRCQL) and the Campus Coalition Concerning Chester (C-4).
They have the history of their struggle right there on the page...

Go Ye, who would be environmentally activist, and Drink!  Drink of their wisdom!

The  National Lead Information Center  has a lot of useful information- stuff you'd never dream of having to know-
yet you must-- Proof that what you don't know can put a huge hurtin' on you, especially if you have young 'uns.
This is also the home of the National Safety Council, with sites devoted to what they call Environmental Health Center,
Air Quality, Hazardous Chemicals, and as they jubilantly announce, "and More!"

The brave and  Concerned Citizens of Tillery have a terrific site  about their community-based organization
working for environmental justice in their poor, rural, and mostly colored community in eastern North Carolina.
So, why can't you?

Greenpeace  is SO sexy, don't you think?  I do....

Looking to book?  The Environmental Justice Database  is a quirky, cranky,and rather nicely done yet
homely piece of bibliography.
   Everybody can't be pretty, Junior. 

The Rain forest Action Network is a cornucopia of information about just that.  You can set up e-mail alerts about
actions regarding the incredibly shrinking Rain Forests, and so on.

The South Bronx Environmental Health and Policy Study seems to have picked up where the old Bronx Clean Air Coalition
left off.  No worries.  They say the main goal of the South Bronx Environmental Health and Policy Study is to study environmental
and health issues affecting their community, with particular emphasis on the relationships between air quality, transportation,
waste transfer activity, demographic characteristics, and public health.  Aside from the very textbook nature of the study for
minority neighborhoods across the country; again.
Don't mess wit' the Bronx!

A very important study called:  Environmental Racism and Biased Methods of Risk Assessment  was commissioned  by
The United Church of Christ, and written by Daniel C. Wigley & Kristin S. Shrader-Frechette. Now that's blessed.

Planet Peace  had these words under its logo:
Earth     Animals     Children     Elders
Even though we don't quite fit any of those categories, we just can't stop loving that direction!
They said of themselves:
Planet Peace is run by Indigenous community organizers
and activists dedicated to the world-wide
distribution of information regarding Indigenous
and Environmental grassroots initiatives from around the globe.
Its our mission to convey, inform, educate, and promote those principles which are dedicated to the protection
and preservation of our
cultures, traditional customs and ceremonies.
So we ask: Anybody gotta problem with that!?!   I mean, I'm not into clitoridectomies or burkhas or other
forced heinous masculinist hoohaa masquerading as hallowed tradition, but I think we should still remember those things, along
with the ifs and whys that accompany those distinctly ewwwww!  types of cultural experience...
See?  Go ahead and get a little stank, especially when someone's trying to mess with a lady's junk.  
Anyway, Planet Peace is gone gone gone, almost but not quite like a few unwritten languages last year...

The  Ogoni Fact Sheet was so compelling a site, and thoughtfully done, and much more than its name implies.
Thankfully, this "ratical" org has a decent fact sheet up to replace it.  Still, the original was just so swell.
 It began:

"The once beautiful Ogoni countryside is no more a source of fresh air and green vegetation. 
All one sees and feels around is death

The strongman Nigerian General Sani Abacha, in partnership with the belligerent and murderous Shell Oil, reads
like a sensational international espionage thriller--
except its all true, and its still happening. 
The Ogoni People informed us:

Shell Nigeria's actions are indicative of the nature of transnational corporations. Their actions denote a hypocritical
approach to the
value of human life and the environment-- actions routinely taken in Ogoni would be unthinkeable
in the 'developed' countries of the North who buy most of Shell's oil.

There is now a site called
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization or UNPO, which talks about the Ogoni
and others, but the title of the org is maddening to me.  Please people.  Represent!

I initially wrote:
Dr. Alx Dark has put together this exhaustive page
of links about  Native Americans & the Environment
for you, God and the world to see.  Help yourself, and thank Dr. Dark  for his fine effort, while you're there. He's mighty busy.
UpDATE: In fact he's so busy, he handed the page over to the National Library for Science and the Environment.  Just
goes to show you. 

The  Honor the Earth campaign is a consortium of three groups organizing in support of Native environmental initiatives.
But then, they say it better than I have.

 Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environment  is a chapter from the book by the same name, which
identifies the major social and psychological impacts associated with the siting of noxious facilities and their significance
in mobilizing black community residents.
Written by THE Dr. Robert D. Bullard.  Go for it.

Arctic Circle: Social Equity and Environmental Justice is a great site about the impact of colonialism and social inequity
in the Arctic.  I love this place, and actually have relatives up there... The environmental damage has been substantial and selective.
Know about it, or I won't be your friend.

The excellent  Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly was written by the learned Peter Montague, who meticulously
researched and footnoted this great thing,
and basically everyone should have subscribed. We didn't know how he did it, and now
he doesn't anymore. 

The former Earth Action  is now The Natural Resources Defense Council. They say about themselves:
Welcome to NRDC's Earth Action Center! Here you'll find all the tools,  tips and information you need to help
protect the earth's extraordinary
wealth of natural treasures. And to make sure you stay up-to-date on urgent issues needing
your immediate action, join their Earth Activist Network to
receive their free bi-weekly email alert.  
Get that? 
Free!  That's a bargain at twice the price!


The  Minority Environmental Lawyers Association Inc. (MELA) is a not-for-profit (these are special lawyers!)
dedicated to promoting equity in the practice and application of environmental law. MELA's membership purports to
include African, Asian,
Latino, Native American, and presumably, all of the above.   But now it kinda looks like it's just one guy.
Well, that's one!

 EnviroLink Network is an online network of up-to-date environmental resources that a smarty-pants like you could put to good use...

 Chicano-Latino Net  out of UCLA provides a short list of links to Chicano-Latino environmental struggles.

The BELIZE RIVER VALLEY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is an interesting site about Belize...  Belize is paradise, you know.
I know it (been there),
the people who put this site together know it, and you can know it too, even from where you actually are.

I just can't stop thinking about those wheezing, gulping, little youngsters with asthma.  Needless to say,
neither should you.  Glide on over to the Child Trends DataBank, and count the huddled masses yearning to breathe at all, many
who also happen to be powerless, poor, and sick.  And oh yeah.  They can't breathe. 

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